Favorite Hobby’s

I have a few things i like to do in my free-time and a few things I enjoy doing. I paint and draw different things when I get bored, I skateboard with friends when there isn’t snow on the ground and I bake.

I have all sorts of supplies for crafts including things like paints, markers, clay, colored pencils, beads, yarn, etc. Sometimes when I have nothing to do I sketch out a design of some sort and paint or color it. I make bracelets out of beads or crochet different things. I love doing this because I have creative freedom and I have ideas that I can make come to life.

When it is nice outside I love skateboarding and long boarding. Long boarding is fun when you just want to ride around with friends and I always do this around town with my best friend. I skateboard to learn tricks because I just started and I’m trying to learn. I can almost do an Ollie! Last time I tried I did it but I lost my balance and scrapped up my elbow. 😦

When it is raining or it is cold outside I bake. I do this because it heats up the house and in the summer that is not the best. I can bake all sorts of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cakes and other things like lemon squares. Most of the time I make these things from scratch but occasionally I make brownies and things with mixes because we happen to have a lot of brownie and cake mixes.

All in all, on different days there are different activities that I like to do when it is not a good day for a different one. Sketching/painting, skateboarding/long boarding and baking are some of my favorite things to do in my free time.

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